Wings of Heaven / Poem

On wings of heaven we will soar

It’s only you Lord that we adore

We praise thy name above all else

No longer living serving self

On wings of eagles we will mount

To drink from thee our holy fount

No more tethers beholden me

Once blind eyes, yet now I see

In the crucible we will soar

In loving kindness, we long for more

You are pure love, true love revealed

My broken heart yes, you have healed

Hallelujah to our king

His heavenly chorus, we now sing

We sing to the ancient of days

Worthy are you of all praise

Our garments white, pure white like snow

In thy presence harts aglow

One look to heaven clear sky’s I see

Lord of lords you set us free

I have not seen, nor ear have heard

Things meant for us you are the word

When were lost and gone astray

You lead us back, you are the way

On wings of heaven we now soar

To be with thee forever more

Dead to self and to this world

Our hearts treasure the priceless pearl

King of kings we worship thee 

Overcomers in you now are we

On bended knee our hearts now bow

Our precious treasure to thee we bow