Noah's Legacy / Poem

Alarming complacency so many asleep

Caught up in the crossfire, you’re in to deep

Myriad of distraction tell me where they lead

Down that crimson path where many concede

The gravity of such decisions

Around the corner a fatal collision

Tell me what’s your take on that ivory tower

Me thinks it a hot spot.. the cradle of power

Caught up in the current of a whole generation

Controlled with the art of divination

A myth, an illusion demanding attention

The king is really naked, the lie is his intention

The elite those replete what lines they are crossing

With platitudes to condition the practice brain washing

The shallow cry out, tell me what I want to hear

Don’t scare me with reality, I’ve hade enough fear

I toss and I turn under my covers each night

Taking pill after pill to make it all right

No such thing as a conscience you see

Do what makes you happy is the key to be free

How stupid, how silly to believe in the ark

Such fairytales as this are in fact just a lark

Noah and sons used scare tactics agreed

Yet all the towns people were wiser than he

They laughed and they mocked, the rolled on the ground

Until the heard that most ominous sound

First thunder, than lightning as the first drops fell

They trembled at his warnings of going to hell

They begged, and they pleaded as the deep welled up

It was all too late enough was enough

Alarming complacency now look all around

The ark of this Noah has finally been found

Just excuse all the facts and scoff as you please

The truth of this myth will bring man to his knees

In a frenzy to lay hold of

The American dream