Jesus For Hire / Essay

 It had been a long day, and I was exhausted. Going to bed early so as to rise early to start the day in the presence of the Lord had long since been my practice.

Jesus For Hire / Poem Video

Jesus For Hire / Poem

Every charmer has his snake oil

Every charlatan has a dream

There’s just simply one problem though

God’s kingdom is no scheme

You pimps, you bastards

Ravenous wolves in sheep’s clothing

You prostitute my bride

Naive and unknowing

Your fathers go back a thousand generations

Your disciples are many, you have your own nation

A nation you thought to sit on their asses

You taught them quite well in their Sunday school classes

Ezekiel was right yes sorcerers are they

Who rely on smooth talk, with divination they prey

Just tickle my ears, please don’t tell me the truth

Down that crimson path, the same old route

With invisible strings, mere puppets are they

Master marionets are you, paving the way

Raise that hand high, now run to the phone

Give us Mastercard or visa, before we leave you alone

Your tombstones are painted in the finest enamel

You strain at a gnat, yet you swallow a camel

Its luster looks great from the outside

Yet under the microscope it’s only your pride

Whatever makes you happy

Whatever shoe might fit

The status quo quagmire

Of religious bullshit

Your formulas sound great to the itching ear

Yet there’s something about them that is quite clear

Walk down that isle, now repeat after me

In no time at all, like me you will see

How stunning you look in that finest silk suit

Yet there’s something that I have to say

Gods not impressed with the price on the tag

But he does see your hearts, it’s as filthy rags

Do as I say ignore what I do

After all isn’t it all about grace

Just say those words that will tickle my ear

And Jesus for hire, will wipe away every tear

Naïve and unknowing

Status quo is boss, now be a good cheer

Certain things are about to change

Judgment starts first at the house of the lord

And brimstone the coldest this time of the year