Gods Only Weakness / Poem

Pride was but a seed back then

Now arrogance has blossomed,

into a writhing monster unleashed

And you never saw it coming.

Now dance with the one you’ve brought

And sleep in the bed you’ve made,

Throw your silver and gold in the streets

You’ve failed to make the grade.

Blame none but yourself

ignore your detestable ways,

For the chickens have come home to roost

You have played the fool all your days.

You trusted in that green stuff

And it seemed to scratch the itch,

Now it’s all worth nothing

as they say, life is a bitch.

Take a look in that mirror

Perhaps this time you will see,

What you’ve failed to be honest with

While claiming to be free.

Is there light at the end of the tunnel you ask

Perhaps it’s time to be smart,

For GOD has only one weakness you see

the broken contrite heart.