Caterpillers Dilemma / Essay

 Little did I know, that as a very young child in a young child’s unsuspecting mind, this awesome God we serve was at work planting four seeds as it were deep in the recesses of my being. As only he can do, and in the passage of time, much, much time he would periodically water each seed by allowing it to resurface.

Caterpillars Dilemma / Video

Caterpillars Dilemma / Poem

Caterpillars were designed to fly... Ya!
You might ask how could it be that I should know

Since you asked dear friend the answer’s quite simple

Just look into her eyes

Asleep Behind The Wheel / Essay

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Noah's Legacy / Poem

Alarming complacency so many asleep

Caught up in the crossfire, you’re in to deep

Myriad of distraction tell me where they lead

Down that crimson path where many concede 

Gods Only Weakness / Essay

The kid’s TV show the Muppets was arguably one of the most, if not the most popular kids show for many years running. Jim Henson, the brains behind these award-winning kids show gained worldwide celebrity status for his genius. 

Gods Only Weakness / Poem

Pride was but a seed back then

Now arrogance has blossomed,

into a writhing monster unleashed

And you never saw it coming.

Devine Romance / Essay

Every now and then you might have heard a zealous believer make the following statement, “that you have to have a relationship with God”. Yet quite often they are unsure how exactly to define what this relationship looks like. 

Divine Romance / Video

Divine Romance / Poem

Chosen as Thy counterpart

What a mystery to behold

What dare I withhold to know you 

Your spotless bride, your Loved one betrothed


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