Divine Romance / Poem

Chosen as Thy counterpart

What a mystery to behold

What dare I withhold to know you 

Your spotless bride, your Loved one betrothed

Apple of thine eye

Burning desire of your heart 

You have set your love upon me

Yes, you knew me from the start

The price tag is my everything

On this let me be clear

No room for me two lovers

Only one voice do I hear

A union conceived before the tick of time

Yes, in the corridors of eternity past

You have placed your love upon me

And through eternity future it shall last

Jealous are you for your precious bride

And rightly so I might add

Hearts dare not shrink back from its longing

You will not share what is only yours to have

Breathe on me, OH breath of God

The one which gave Adam life

Pureness of heart is my yearning

Cut away all darkness with your holy surgeon’s knife

Arrested by that fragrance

Yes, the holy aroma of Divinity

Woo me know into thy chamber

Into thy heart allow me to see

My eyes can see but the temporal

Yet my heart sees only the Devine

Oh, how I long for your kingdom

Make the things of your kingdom be mine

You were the doctor at of my childbirth

You gave life to my childhood dreams

You led me through the desert of manhood

Thought me this world is not a matter of schemes

Now with fixed eye upon your kingdom

And with mind so resolute

The journey which lay before me

You’re my pied piper with heavenly flute

Sold out now to your kingdom

Blind to all else I do not see

By faith is how we shall know you

Our wedding day approach with thee

Who, exactly are we betrothed too

With a passion who do we adore

There is only room for one treasure

And all darkness we do abhor

The illusion of time passes quickly away

Of this let there be no doubt

Heart strings laid bare before our Maker

His spirit reveals what we’re truly about

Put now the trumpet up to thy lips

Let the warning be crystal clear

Dare not be foolish like the five virgins

His voice they refused to hear

To overcome is why you chose me 

Cast off every weight and sin known to man

I show my love in obedience

What a divinely perfect plan

Teach me now to fear you 

And to make every second count 

To number my days in wisdom 

With wings of eagles I will mount

May all my ways reflect thy glory

Please allow the aroma of Christ exude 

To cast off every scent of falsehood 

And every beat of my heartbeat for you

You set for me a place at your table 

The marriage supper of the lamb 

No eye or ear has conceived of 

Those things which you have planned

Crowned with glory and all honor

Your spirit resonates in me 

With humility let me be broken

Into Thy presence, for now I flee

So, Betrothed to you in rightness

Faithfulness to you is our vow

Chosen to be thy counterpart

And to this my knee I bow