Caterpillars Dilemma / Poem

Caterpillars were designed to fly... ya! 

You might ask how could it be that I should know

Since you asked dear friend the answer’s quite simple

just look into her eyes

The look of consternation and confusion is what you'll see

and her question... but how, where and when from this body can I flee

For I am fuzzy and worm-like...with far too many a leg

so how could that butterfly my future be

Just as a child’s toy stereotyped...a square peg

but yet a round hole

And the anguish of this question, oh how it doth haunt me

But I must hide, yes even ponder the depth of these two questions

Oh serpent's can you find fault with me

and how could that butterfly my future be

The sting of your venom I do spew forth

to form a cocoon of insulation, oh yes in due course

But I awoke...and what doth mine eye behold

but I have spun a cocoon in which the mysteries of God could unfold

To scoffers and nay-Sayers I say just one thing

I can't hear your laughs, your ridicule and your attempted captivity my heart to bring

For my cocoon doth insulate me from the fool...all voices behind me

I no longer hear...not a thing to thwart me Dear Maker draw near

For transformation, now that’s the ticket

too many legs to get caught up in the thickets

So think of it this way girl and it's so easy to see

simple faith in God and prayer sets you free

To thee Great Maker, nothing too great a task

sweet Holy Messiah please remove now this ugly mask

For from their eyes Frankenstein is what they see

but in the reflection of your mirror butterflies are we

For caterpillar's were designed to fly! So go ahead girl you must try

your heart must heal, for you were not destined forever to cry

So try, try, can do it, you must fly

For metamorphosis is the way and with mine eye on you girl I will pray

That ugly cocoon now you must shed

just look at them now girl...your nay-Sayers lie dead

For one by one they assaulted you, but I yet so invisibly was always there

clenching your hands future by Divine Care

So just as a woman in labor...all that is left

is one final push, now it's down the home stretch

So as you emerge slowly inch by inch to behold

take one look in my mirror as your real beauty unfolds

Look at you go girl... such a miraculous thing

look at them sprout I see wings

So let's fly away now for others do await

to frolic in the heavens, no time to be late

So many a butterfly now to behold

with wings of grace laced with Divine Cold

The Monarch butterfly just like oiled machine

she fly’s far above them for she is their Queen

In unison thank God, yes we do declare

he transcended His thrown as he took the great dare

He climbed down the ladder to the miry pit

to clean my stained cloths from the grime and the grit

So it's by personal invitation, by His side we will sit

Up that heavenly ladder and into His face we will stare

just one look into those eyes, such a loving glare

and to ponder the question, why not the pit

So now Dear Maker on bended knee

into eternity we disappear to worship thee

No more time or watches to help us keep track

continual Hallelujah choruses, back to back to back to back

to back to back to back

On and on and up we will go...sons and daughters of His Majesty

now look at his grace we doth grow!

William Rask Bergeron


Caterpillars Dilemma / Video